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Metalwork. Manufacturing of injected plastic products. Casting of aluminium semi-manufactured goods and parts. General mechanics operations. Hot dip galvanizing

Quality Management System Certificate


Our vision is:
"Nothing is impossible"
Our mission is:
"Success in performance and competition"
The main objective is:
"Excellence in our products and services to meet inside and outside customers by approaching of decision based on facts and by principles of continuous improvement and systematic orientation to customers"

"Achieving our goal it can be possible by involving all members of the organization in compliance with quality goals, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and by driving the organization towards total quality concept".

"Always looking "excellent” on our products and services to satisfy our customers."

"We aim to continuously improve performance quality, execution time and amount requested for products and services to our clients."

"Effectively integrate programs for quality, safety and health, protecting the environment"

"Each member of organization is responsible for its quality and safety by maintaining safe work environment that is clean and tidy."

"My belief is that all company members understand, support and ensuring management commitment to setting objectives, to apply this policy to all our products and services, in order to improve our standard of living, relationships with customers and business."

"Management of the organization, represented by the Administrator / General Director, undertake to respect the quality management system requirements, for continuous improvement and achieve targets."

PRODMETCOM Ltd. price policy

The price policy applied, with specific objectives: maintaining the number of suppliers that have reduced the price of raw materials and purchased that impact final product quality and high degree of customer satisfaction, organization wants an optimal ratio between the number of suppliers, including an indicator of ascending degree of satisfaction.

All these are obtained only through training of personnel, provided by organization with internal and external resources, with reference to implementation of the stated objectives and annual monitoring indicators applied.

The implementation, monitoring and communication with top management respond Economic Director.
I support this price policy, which along with Quality Policy and Personnel Policy, is part of the organization's policy.