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Metalwork. Manufacturing of injected plastic products. Casting of aluminium semi-manufactured goods and parts. General mechanics operations. Hot dip galvanizing

Environmental Management System Certificate


PRODMETCOM Ltd. decided to build, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System according to SR EN ISO 14001:2005 in order to keep control of the environmental aspects of activities, products and services and to improve overall environmental performance.
Through this voluntary initiative, PRODMETCOM Ltd. is committed to:

  • Observe the legal requirements and other requirements applicable to environmental protection
  • Support and promote best environmental practices and initiatives aimed at continuously improving environmental performance and environmental management
  • Apply the pollution prevention activities and decisions on environmental policy

Management determines the highest level of environmental objectives and targets that promote actions to reduce environmental impact through efficient management of raw materials input, process control and environmental discharges.

PRODMETCOM Ltd. provides each employee, depending on the specific activities which it carries a level of competence, appropriate training and awareness with the provisions of the Environmental Policy and requirements for environmental management.

PRODMETCOM Ltd. support efforts of other organizations that want to improve their environmental performance and management and actively participate in solving environmental problems in collaboration with other relevant external parties.

Annually, PRODMETCOM Ltd. performs internal audits and analyzes Environmental Management System to ensure that environmental policy is always appropriate with relevant changes in the system and organization.