Thermal zinc

The thermal zinc plating carried out in PRODMETCOM complies with the European standard SR EN ISO 1461:1999.

Thermal zinc plating is applied to parts made of cast iron and steel by immersion in molten zinc. The company uses only zinc with 99.995% SHG purity in its technological process.

The parts that can be thermally zinc plated in our bathroom can measure up to 6 m and weigh up to 350 kg.

The company can also perform thermal zinc plating by centrifugation for small parts, screws, nuts, bolts with a length of 300 mm. We can also manually zinc plate foundation bolts for the length required by the designer

The thickness of the zinc layer complies with SR EN ISO 1461:2009 – table 3 and table 4 for centrifuged parts.

Occupational safety and health conditions: pieces with closed and unventilated cavities cannot be zinc plated because they can generate explosions during the technological process. Additional information regarding the ventilation and emptying of the parts is presented in ISO 14713. Please contact us for any clarifications.

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